Gologram - Safe and Private Messenger
encryption created by you
Does a private messenger need to know the phone numbers of the interlocutors?

Gologram does not have access to the phone book and does not know your phone number and the phones of the interlocutors. Gologram is a truly private messenger.

Why Gologram?



The phone numbers of the interlocutors are unknown. Without registration.

Without access to photos, camera, calendar, location, fingerprints, microphone, phone book and phone number.

Encrypted messages are sent directly online without a server, without logs.



Always encrypt only with your encryption key.

No one can imperceptibly disable end-to-end encryption for you.

There is no encryption key generation by the application. You invent and create the encryption key yourself.



Communicate directly without a server and cloud saves.

There is no exchange of encryption keys, there is no sending of encryption keys to the server.

The built-in keyboard protects against interception.

Think about it is it safe when the messenger creates an encryption key for you and stores it on its server with your messages? 

In Gologram, you create an encryption key yourself, which is stored only on your device along with messages. Gologram is a really secure messenger.

Get $100.000

make sure yourself that the Gologram message cannot be hacked


decrypt this message correctly

090643902562500, 006235374931968, 296187361344000, 075751836336000, 048767337549700, 016957096087653, 032027796496080, 028047008563200, 009300039195720, 110870777851750, 014730933934080, 201042900015840, 008895834249092, 015911645001980, 024623682351375, 010444105098000, 107205153388800, 132993037900800, 012971990928000, 004972089909248

check the decrypted message

to check, enter the encryption key, type the text of the decrypted message and you will see an encrypted message near the "Send" button while typing the message

send it before anyone else to support@gologram.org

get $100,000 // up to this point, no one has been able to decrypt this message